Notice of Claim or Incident

AHRP Notice of Claim - If you have a claim or incident to report, you must submit a claim report to AHRP as soon as you become aware of an incident which has, or is likely to result in a claim against you.

The form should be submitted via email to Robin at or Rick at It can also be faxed to 360-574-9401.

Water Damage Claims

Water damage losses of any kind need to be handled differently than other claims. Water damage can create a lot of additional destruction if not addressed properly and immediately! Structures and sub-structures, as well as flooring and woodwork, can deteriorate rapidly if water is not immediately extracted commercially with drying and de-humidification. Not only can deterioration progress, but mold and mildew will develop within 24 hours or less.

All maintenance staff, on-site staff and emergency personnel, should be trained on how to handle water claims. Even if there may not be coverage for a loss for one reason or another, you still want to mitigate the damage. Immediately after a water damage claim of any kind is identified, the water source should be shut off. You can begin removing any standing water and contents; however, a commercial water restoration company should be called out immediately (most, if not all, have 24-hour emergency response). We recommend that all first responders know this procedure and have emergency restoration contractors’ 24-hour phone numbers available.

If you need assistance locating local water restoration contractors or have any questions regarding losses or claims, feel free to contact Director of Claims, Rick Gehlhaar, at (360) 574-9035 x106 or

Emergency Service

24/7 Emergency Service

Water, Fire, Wind – Toll Free 800-856-3333

Emergency Checklist

Is this an emergency situation?
What type of property damage is it?
Has the problem been contained?
When did it happen?
What’s the extent of the damage?
What percentage of the facility has been affected?
Do you have available power?
Is standing water present?

Contract Review

For insurance related contract review, contact Risk Control and Underwriting Specialist, Adiah Mattern, at 360-574-9035 x100 or Please forward all contractual insurance requirements sections that you wish to have reviewed, plus a brief abstract of the plans or circumstances to offer context of the review. Please keep requests associated with insurance requirements only.

Adiah Mattern – is also available for:

-Insurance consulting
-Contractual risk transfer training class
-Risk management resource manual development
-Webinar resources upon request & availability

Training Links

  • EVERFI - Sexual harassment training and certification with additional training opportunities now offered (formerly Workplace Answers).
  • In2Vate – HARRP endorsed training on various employment related issues.
  • My Community Workplace – Free to HARRP/AHRP members as a Munich RE covered organization. Includes training on various employment related issues. For login information, please contact Adiah Mattern.
  • OHAAWHAPSWRC-NAHRO and PNRC-NAHRO - Additional training opportunities and information.